THE PROJECT KA122-SCH-SHORT TERM projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education,

that started in September 2022 and will end in February 2024, was implemented by our school with the main aim of raising and improving the staff’s previous knowledge and skills and therefore putting into action professional competences that are already tested and considered best practices in Europe. The main objective chosen was to promote quality, innovation, excellence and internationalization in the field of performance and the training of future citizens in the territory. The theoretical reflection on how the strengthening of foreign languages has changed the way of teaching and learning was our necessary premise for the introduction and use of the CLIL methodology.

Some teachers from our school, therefore, at first attended a specific training course on the CLIL methodology, at a training institution in Ireland,

and then , they participated in job shadowing activities in two schools:

in Poland

and in Belgium,

in a climate of full immersion, being able to go through first-hand learning-teaching experiences already tested in partner schools, so as to fully get their educational value.

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